How TAN agents get you the
best possible price for your home

without the usual hassles of selling

They find motivated buyers
that other
agents miss

Through the Top Agent Network community, TAN members get access to up-to-the-minute intelligence on motivated buyers looking for homes in your area.

This information helps your agent market your property to the right buyer at the right time.

“After hiring a member of Top Agent Network, we sold our five-bedroom house for $101,000 above asking price. Obviously, we’re thrilled! I just wish we had found Michael sooner.”

Clifford L. Haas
Camarillo, CA

They reduce the stress
& disruptions of selling

Selling your home the traditional way is always a hassle. Having to do renovations or dealing with constant showings can turn your daily routine into chaos. But a TAN agent gives you the option to market your home only to the top real estate agents in your area. By doing that, you’ll still get the best possible price for your home - but with a fraction of the headaches.

“My real estate agent used Top Agent Network to tell his colleagues about my property before it was listed on the MLS. So I ended up selling the home, for the price I wanted, without even listing it on MLS. A big benefit of doing this was that the whole process was more relaxed and less stressful.”

Hank Burgoyne
San Francisco, CA

They sell twice as fast
by generating 'buzz'

With a pre-MLS listing, TAN members can give top local agents a sneak peek of your property before it's advertised on the MLS. The result?

Your agent is able to build anticipation around your home in a way that grabs the attention of qualified buyers. Pre-MLS properties typically spend 14 days less on the local MLS before going under contract.

And only the most experienced agents can get into TAN

Real estate agents must rank within the top 10% (based on sales volume)
of their local market to qualify for a Top Agent Network membership.

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We will only recommend TAN members to people who are not already working with an agent.

“The agent you matched me with is fantastic. I was impressed that Top Agent Network actually verified her sales numbers, so I knew I’d be working with one of the best agents in the city.”

Wendy Johnson
San Francisco, CA