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TAN is the only online
community built
for top 10%
real estate agents.

Sales data shows that the top 10% of agents sell 9 out of 10 homes. So as a TAN member, you can connect with the agents who have the buyers and properties you're looking for -
without all the calls and meetings.

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Connect with top agents
on properties,
buyer needs and more

Here’s how it works:

  1. Communicate with top agents across all brokerages on not-yet-on-MLS properties and motivated buyer needs.
  2. See a property or buyer that’s a fit for your client? Just start a conversation with the agent.
  3. Want to create a buzz for your seller's property? Or need help pricing or prepping a listing before MLS? Add the property to TAN and get the help of the most experienced agents in your area.
‘We had offers that exceeded my client's expectations’

“I had a seller who had a lot of health issues and was really concerned about having people looking at photos of his place and people coming into his space. TAN allowed me to bring him buyers, and then offers, that exceeded his expectations. He never had to host an open house, never had to have all the neighbors coming through, and kept his privacy.”

Sarah Glovsky, Boston
The Charles Realty
TAN member since 2014

Close more deals quickly & smoothly
by connecting with fellow top agents

There are far too many agents out there. And not all of them are easy to work with.

Top Agent Network provides a platform that allows only the top-ranked agents in your area to network together and exchange local market intelligence.

And by working closely with the most experienced and well-connected agents, you’re able to close more deals with fewer headaches along the way.

You can only become a member of Top Agent Network if your closed home sales put you in the top 10% of your local market.

  • The average TAN member sells 14X that of non-members in the same geography.
  • On average, just 10% of top real estate agents close 90% of the deals in most markets.
‘The sale was quick and our seller was happy’

“For example, I had a multi-unit property with a complex tenant-landlord situation and needed pricing help. I sent a request to the TAN community and got 5 agents to meet me at the property the next day and provide their pricing opinions. Their input factored into our marketing strategy and ultimately resulted in a quick sale and a happy seller.”

Michael Minson, San Francisco
KW San Francisco
TAN member since 2014

Over 10,000 agents in 31 chapters are
closing more deals with Top Agent Network.

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4 out of 5 members say TAN helped them make additional sales,
acquire new clients or impress existing clients

‘My buyer had been looking hard for six months...’

“I recently had a buyer who had been looking hard for 6 months and had lost out in 2 multiple bid situations. A TAN agent posted a $1.2M condo and I was able to get my buyer in, write an offer and ratify the deal before it went into the MLS. You don't have to make very many connections to see the value of this network.”

Hans Wydler, DC
Wydler Brothers Real Estate
TAN member since 2013